Do not ask who I am and do not ask me to remain the same.
More than one person, doubtless like me,
writes in order to have no face.

Michel Foucault

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Face it…most of us just want to publish something for our family, or our children or grandchildren. What a great gift! Can you imagine their faces when they receive the story of your life, your wisdom, your thoughts about the world they will live in? The great thing is that it's not that difficult with my help. I self published my own novel and discovered with my skill in computer software and design talent, I produced a beautiful product. See it for your self at this link: CLICK HERE

So how much does this cost? Here are some examples of the typical expenses you will incur before you see your novel in your hands.

NOTE: The pricing reflected below is conservative for a Self Published novel. You can easily spend over $8,000 of your money before you see any return. Don't be fooled by the hype that many are spouting. Self-Publishing is not that expensive, and I can show you how to be published for less and you can save your money for a nice vacation, or use it to promote your masterpiece.

Authorhouse is the largest of the self-publishing companies. Larger doesn't mean better.

Standard Paperback Publishing - $698
Hardcover set up - $350
Custom Cover $1199
Library of Congress Control Number - $75
Proofs - $75
Printing Services - $7.82 / unit X 100 units = $782

As you can see, you can easily spend over $3,000.


Select Publishing Package - $459
Hardcover set up - $199
Printing Services - $11.96 / unit (over 50 books only) X 100 units = $1,196.00

Almost $2,000 of your money before you see any return.


Basic Service - $500
No e-book available
Custom Cover - $1,600
Library of Congress - $75
Image Fee - $50
Printing Services - $12.59 / unit X 100 units = $1,259

As you can see, you can easily spend over $3,400.

At this point, you need to ask yourself one basic question. Do I really want to spend $3,000 to $8,000 publishing my novel?

Book Royalties: Depending on the final price of your novel, you can expect to earn about $5.00 to $8.00 per sale. Of course, you may price your novel at any price you wish and make as much or as little profit as you like. That is NOT the case with most of the other self-publishing companies.

Cost: The only money we receive from you is the creative design, document formatting, and the printing cost (and some handling & freight fees). We provide a flat price, and you receive full rights to your novel to do as you wish. Your novel will be available through the Ingram Distribution Catalog, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and most all other national booksellers and most important you will have an ISBN catalog number. You can even sell your novel in the overseas market.

Publishing Control: We believe in giving you as much as possible within each package - and letting you have as much control and input as you'd like.

Do you think you're interested in saving money?
Is this something you can use?
Do you have a question?

Send me an email by clicking; I HAVE A QUESTION, and I will respond quickly...

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  1. CreateSpace is very reasonable by comparison. If you make your own cover and do your own formatting, it's about $100.


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