Do not ask who I am and do not ask me to remain the same.
More than one person, doubtless like me,
writes in order to have no face.

Michel Foucault

Friday, August 19, 2011


A one time I attended a writing class, Friday Night Writers, held by John Dufrense a local and well-known literary genius that gives his time to budding writers. Through a college classroom setting of about 100 writers, John commands and critiques us with ease and brilliance. I absolutely love this guy and his writing.

The evening can be intimidating for many with regard to the creative talent held within the walls of the campus classroom. The place is bursting with talent and far beyond my capability as a writer. Nonetheless, these word slingers provide their input along with John and the lessons learned are limitless.

From this effort we have seen many self published writers arise from the ashes of rejection. Never giving in to their passion, they have succeeded, becoming accomplished authors of great stories. Books and Books, a local establishment, carries many of the novels from this class and offers public readings and other venues. I believe the other brick and mortars could learn a few lessons from Books and Books.

Henry Greenfield shared news of his recent publishing success with FNW of his most recent book, The Rabbi's Girl Books and Books allowed a public reading and book signing. This for a self-published writer.

Then there is Neil Crabtree another writer with great talent.

Recently, a fellow writer, Louis Lowy, grabbed the title of published writer through his agent with his latest novel Die Laughing, a 1950's sci-fi adventure set in the 1950's of flying saucers, communist paranoia and live television.

Books and Books will also have Louis there for a reading and signing.

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  1. Must be nice having a literary genius in the area.


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