Do not ask who I am and do not ask me to remain the same.
More than one person, doubtless like me,
writes in order to have no face.

Michel Foucault

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


There is a restaurant in my neighborhood called Toojay’s. My wife and I eat there often and the service is always top notch-a real diner feel in a Jewish deli, if you can imagine. To name one favorite dish is impossible in that everything is delicious! My favorite sandwich (so far) is the Mediterranean Turkey Ciabatta. 

On this day, we had been at the hospital with my ill father. Now starving, we passed Toojay’s and thoughts of a Mediterranean Turkey Ciabatta sandwich danced in my hungry mind. “We’re turning around!” I said.

Although the restaurant was crowded, as usual, we were seated immediately. The server, Lamar, arrived quickly and took the drink order. A simple decision—we always drink water. He returned momentarily and asked for our order. I asked for my favorite.

Lamar returned a few moments later and said, “We are all out of the Mediterranean Turkey Ciabatta.” 

He handed me a menu and I begrudgingly chose the J&J sandwich, then realized it comes with turkey and roast beef. I called Lamar to the table. “Are you out of turkey or ciabatta?”

“Niether. Toojay’s makes only a certain number of the sandwiches per day and there were none left.”
I substituted with the J&J. I figured the roast beef and turkey would be delicious.
“What kind of bread?” he asked.
 “Sure. We can do that.” He smiled and left.

I pondered for a moment.

They had turkey. They had ciabatta bread. I am pretty sure the hummus, tabouleh, tomatoes and Provolone cheese were in the deli counter. So, if Toojay’s can make the J&J, why can’t they make a Mediterranean Turkey Ciabatta?

The scene reminded me of Five Easy Pieces with Jack Nicholson when Bobby wanted plain toast. Perhaps I should have said, “Gimme the J&J and add hummus, tabouleh, tomatoes and Provolone cheese; hold the roast beef.

Funny things that make life go 'round. The J&J was awesome...and maybe I have a new favorite sandwich.

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  1. I think you should try that next time just to see what they say. I remember when I worked at Burger King sometimes people would do stuff like that. "I want a Jr. Whopper with no mayo, no lettuce, no onions, and no tomatos." So basically you want a hamburger, which would be like $1.50 cheaper.


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